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Tina Terrell
Contact Information
Telephone: +44 7786610736
Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom SO23 7LH

I am here to guide and empower you as you navigate life’s crossroads and bumps on the way, whether they manifest primarily as emotional, physical, or spiritual. I can take you through transformational experiences using a wide range of therapies, techniques and Soul Purpose Readings. These are blended with intuition, scientific knowledge and wisdom, specifically for you and for whatever you need at any given time. That may be a single session to calm and relax you or a series of sessions for a physical or emotional issue. If you are seeking spiritual evolution, you will be empowered to delve deeper, gaining insight and clarity with tools and techniques to illuminate and overcome your challenges, claim your sovereignty and activate your inner alchemist to reveal the pearls within.

I also offer Intrusive Energy Clearance & Spirit Release to remove harmful energies from you, your home and family and empower you to claim sovereignty over your personal energy space.

If you want to know more about me or the therapies and techniques I use please visit my website at tinaterrell.co.uk or contact me to arrange a free Discovery Call so we can have a chat about how I can support you.

I am available for sessions in person or via Zoom. Contact me via Whatsapp (+44 7786610736) or email (tina@tinaterrell.co.uk) to book a session.


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