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United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Susannah,

I am a Spiritual Counsellor, Holistic Healer and Poet from London.

My mission is to create a safe space to guide you to look deeply within yourself to access your potential, your gifts and your inner truth, and free you from whatever is blocking you or keeping you in limitation.

Spiritual Counselling combined with Holistic Healing helps you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul, and understand what is serving you and what is not serving you. As you dive deep into yourself; you begin to sever the tie to generational trauma, break free from toxic patterns and unhealthy relationship cycles, enabling you to live from a place of authentic purpose, and navigate life with ease and grace.

The holistic healing modalities I work with are: Soul Plan (Reading based on your birth name), Soul Transformation Therapy (Core issue healing), Atlantean Healing Paddles (Healing for the body and energetic field), Rahanni Celestial Healing (long distance) and Divine Healing Master Key.

Please check out my website for more information on any of the above.

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