Effortless Being: Non-duality and the Recognition of our True Nature

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David Farmer
Contact Information
Telephone: 07515136669
Kinross-shire, United Kingdom

Effortless Being 

Nonduality and the Recognition of our True Nature


Support & Guidance


Our true nature is not hidden; it is just constantly overlooked. Through simple one-to-one guidance and clear pointing, there is the possibility of direct recognition.


I provide one-to-one online support and guidance for anyone struggling with mental, emotional, addiction, or well-being issues: including spiritual seekers and those undergoing awakened integration.


Contact and Booking

Website: effortlessbeing.org

Email: davidadfarmer@gmail.com

All sessions are booked directly via my website.

If you have any questions regarding booking a session, please email me at the above address.


Nondual Pointing

I fully understand that your feeling of being lost, alone, anxious, and suffering is very real for you now. 

In my sessions, you will learn simple and effective techniques to immediately step out of the turmoil of the thinking mind and the stress of your life situation, and notice the peace, love, joy and contentment that is already present within you and available right this very moment.

Once you know these techniques, you will be able to utilize them by yourself at any time moving forward and begin to consciously function from the place of ‘effortless being’, resulting in your life transforming into one of infinite joy, abundance, peace, and happiness.


The Story of ‘David’

Born in Scotland in 1976, I moved to London at age 18 to pursue a career in classical music. After many successful years studying and performing professionally, I was drawn to embark on a new adventure and in 2003 I moved to Japan. It was there I gravitated away from music and started on the spiritual path, where I practised Zen meditation and Japanese Archery. I also studied Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism, all the while teaching English in schools and corporations to keep food on the table. In February 2021 upon recognizing my true nature, my Japanese adventure naturally drew to an end and I returned to my native Scotland to start a new chapter in my story as a Nondual Guide and Personal Coach.


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