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Contact Information
Telephone: 07934166923
United Kingdom

Leanne is a Therapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher and Trans Channel for an Interdimensional Collective Consciousness called The Galayla Collective. Her Soul purpose mission involves helping Souls awaken their own unique Magic through stepping into the power of their Multidimensional Self so they can realise their FULL POTENTIAL as The Conscious Creators of their own Reality!

As the sacred leaders of 6D Consciousness and beyond, Leanne and The Galayla Collective work with you across all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to help you unlock an inner Magic you had never thought possible so that you can begin to see the true power of who you really are (Source Energy in Human Form!). Unlocking this Magic means creating tangible, real-life results in your 3D world- manifesting Abundance in ALL areas through true Energetic Mastery.

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