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The GSN was set up to help customers find the right therapist to meet their needs. All therapists registered with the GSN are members of the Federation of the Holistic Therapists (FHT) and abide by the FHT’s Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

If you’ve ever searched online for an alternative therapist, then you will have probably come across results for practitioners who are not all they claim to be. Unfortunately, there is a degree of disingenuity within the profession, and it is the aim of the GSN to promote the serious and sincere practitioners over those who lack not only professional training and accreditation but also an innate gift to heal.

The GSN team strives to promote excellence in holistic and alternative therapies. We set and demonstrate the highest standards. We also provide a support network for our therapists, all of whom offer their customers the highest standard of treatment. We check and verify all those listed in the directory, so you don’t have to do so. The GSN has qualified, experienced, high-energy therapists. Many of our therapists are multi-skilled and offer a range of services, so don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure which type of therapy you require. All our therapists offer an initial consultation to make sure they are right for you.

About Me

I am Aniya Aryana Goold, a counsellor, life coach and facilitator who enables spiritual and alternative businesses to launch and grow. I draw on my background in medicine as a nurse, and my supernatural awareness, to achieve the mission I embarked upon as a child.

I was conscious of ‘a’ mission as a child and was acutely aware of the spirits and angelic beings. Growing up in 1950s South Africa, however, there were limited career options available to me and so, rather than following my spiritual calling, I pursued a safer and steadier career in nursing.

Moving from a sheltered white environment to work in a multi-racial hospital was, however, traumatic. I saw at first-hand the stark reality of the communities the authorities had kept hidden from the entitled white public.

Despite this, I completed my general nursing qualification and went on to become a midwife. Still not satisfied with my knowledge of the world, I worked night duties as a nurse to support myself and went on to study for a BA degree in Teaching at the University of Cape Town.

Meanwhile, the oppression in South Africa had worsened and as an empath I felt the air was full of fear that one could not escape from.

I travelled to London and was amazed at the difference in how people lived. My love affair with the UK began the moment I stepped off the plane and it was here, in the UK, that I fell in love and got married. My husband and I went on to have three wonderful children. However, when my son was just four weeks old, my oldest daughter, who was four at the time, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This was a stressful time for all the family as we coped with a new baby and cared for a child who was in and out of hospital. My relationship with my husband became strained and sadly we separated. Life became very challenging after that.

To make ends meet while balancing life as a single mum, I undertook additional professional qualifications including training refugees with medical backgrounds so they could work in the NHS. I also trained in Diabetes Care and studied for another degree in Adult Education. I later trained to become a nurse prescriber and eventually gained a BSc in Primary Health Care.
In 2002 I met my now husband, Bob. We married in 2008. Sadly, this happiness was short-lived as my daughter Kat passed away from complications of diabetes. She was just twenty-six years old. Even though I had an understanding of the cycles of life, and the wish for the soul to return home, my family and I were devastated by our loss. I don’t feel you can get over the loss of a child; on her birthday and the anniversary of her passing I regress to the most awful sadness.

As I have neared retirement, my psychic abilities have strengthened and I have felt a strong urge to become more active in the field, with the constant reminder of the mission I was so aware of as a child.

The Covid lockdown forced me into self-shielding and isolation, which separated me from my medical team and meant my only contact time with my patients was virtual. However, my guides took charge and teacher after teacher was placed in front of me. I discovered light language, my channelling ability improved, and my confidence increased.

After a lifetime of learning and discovery, the prospect of retirement bored me. I still had much to give, and it was during a period of meditation that the idea of this website and directory came to me. Therapists and healers, of the highest professional standards, should not rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals but should promote themselves properly in an online directory that outlines their credentials and gifts in a clear and organised way. On too many occasions, I have spent time, money and energy attending courses that did not hold integrity, and I have met ‘healers’ who were less than they claimed to be. The holistic therapy and alternative healing practice deserves a system of peer reviewed listings, brought together in the form of a directory, that can be easily accessed by customers.

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